Square-1 Animation (Aug 27, 2006)

August 27: I present the first-ever raytraced -perhaps even the first truly rendered- animation of a Square-1, the two-edge parity. More algorithms, and POV-Ray source code, will follow.

August 27: Updated the records page. And uploaded a Square-1 animation of my other blindfolded alg.

August 27: All the thrill of Square-1 animation, now brought to you in LG3D!

3D glasses may be necessary to view Motion-Picture-Experts-Group-4 encoded moving picture. Video compressed into low quality to greedily save on file size. Lucas Garron is not responsible for anything that may occur due to the downloading, viewing, displaying, enjoyment, watching, editing, resizing, reencoding, or encrypting of this video. Void where prohibited.

August 27: Lars Vandenbergh gave me permission to render all of his algorithms. Here is a preview of what each video will look like.

August 31:

I posted all the layer-solving MP4′s. The others are a matter of more automation; expect them Friday. I’m trying to fit everything into one gigantic batch calling lots of files.

Corners into layer: 1 2 3 4 5
Edges into layer: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Corner permutation (only one for now): 1 Test the embedded version.

September 1: The algorithms are rendered. You can get everything as one large zip file.

September 2: The Square-1 algorithm page now contains a thumbnail of each case, and the zip contains embedded HTML files for each step. They’re going to stay final for a while.

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017: Piano Solo #4 (Aug 26, 2006)

I still haven’t posted any pieces other than 005, so as a beginning I uploaded an OGG of 017. I like how the ending turned out.

For those of you who do not yet enjoy the wonders of open source as much as I do: look for the file with a .mp3 extension.

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cube.garron.us (Aug 22, 2006)

cube.garron.us finally has an index page.

By the way, I solved a Square-1 blindfolded yesterday; I get to be at the top of speedcubing.com (notice their news coloring scheme; it gave me the idea for this page).
Oh, and if anybody knows a bit about graph theory, I would love to know to find the smallest set of Square-1 shapes such that a member can be reached in one twist from any position (you can find my email somewhere on the Unofficial World Records pages).

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4OSME Logo Animation (Aug 18, 2006)

I created an animation of the 4OSME logo.

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Method History and Algorithm Page (Aug 16, 2006)

Created a history for my 3x3x3 methods. I also started my algorithm page.

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Super Magic (Aug 15, 2006)

I created new Super Magic pattern with world views from space. It looks nice: Front Back.

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Puzzle Videos (Aug 12, 2006)

Puzzle videos now have their own page.

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US Nationals 2006 (Aug 06, 2006)

I went to the Nationals at the Exploratorium (results). I met Craig Brouchard, Bob Burton, Frank Morris, Chris Hardwick, Adam Zamora, and more…

Best times:
3x3x3: 28.82 (personal fourth-best)
Megaminx: 4:57.09 (first recorded sub-5)
Square-1: 1:02.27 (only attempt not on film)
3x3x3 blindfolded: 9:00.70 (first and only success)
Magic: 1.71 (personal second-best, after a 1.53 during practice)
Master Magic: 4.78 (personal third-best)

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Puzzle Records (Aug 03, 2006)

I put up a page with my puzzle records.

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The Archive (Aug 01, 2006)

I finally created an index to the archive, so all those hidden papers have a reference link on the site.

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