Twisty Pumpkin (Oct 31, 2006)

A Twisty Pumpkin.

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Magic Instructions Updated / Crazy Weekend (Oct 22, 2006)

The Magic page now has very detailed instructions for assembly. I didn’t yet get to putting up orientations for the Master and Super Magics.

I’m crazy. Proof: I tried 4x4x4 BLD; it took 90 min, and I was two cycles off. Friday, I set a 3x3x3 record average (10 of 12) of 23.46 during a 26.02 average of 100, both containing a 16.75 LL skip
I’ve been filming my cubing recently; this weekend I did 3x3x3 (19.81), 3x3x3 BLD (3:32.27 PR), the barrel cube, 3x3x3 supercube, 4x4x4 (messed up a record), 5x5x5, a few good Square-1 solves, a few Square-1 solves starting square, Rubik’s World, Master Magic (the only Magic working, barely; I got a 3.10 from it), a 4x4x4 BLD DNF (still hurts), and a speed blindfolded solve with memorization of God’s algorithm (12 seconds).

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OLL (Oct 08, 2006)

57 Varieties.

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