Belgian Open 2007 (Feb 25, 2007)

The results of the Belgian Open are posted. I’ve never been so amazed…

And I wanted to get the third official sub-2 BLD! Oh well; hats (center caps?) off to Mátyás!
And congratulations to Vandenbergh (no offense meant to Fung)!

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New PBs (Feb 18, 2007)

I know I haven’t updated much, but I’ve had a lot to do (and still do). I’ve also set lots of records: 3x3x3: 15.49, 3x3x3 Average: 20.74, Computer 3x3x3 Average: 21.83 (almost 20.75), 3x3x3 OH: 30.30, 3x3x3 OH average: 46.23, 3x3x3 BLD: 1:40.95, 3x3x3 BLD average: 4:11, 42 cube marathon: <21 minutes, 2x2x2 BLD 27 seconds, and speed BLD: 19.69 seconds.

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