I’m Still Alive (Mar 28, 2008)

Small note: While the content may still be useful, this site is woefully out of date (hey, I can average under my listed OH PB!). I’m hoping to improve it this summer. I’ve still been cubing, though I do most of it sneakretly by posting videos, contributing to the speedsolving.com forum, etc.

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Frank Morris Facts (Mar 28, 2008)

It seems the time has come for Frank Morris Facts.

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You know you’ve been cubing too long when… (Nov 11, 2007)

You know you’ve been cubing too long when…

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Cube Flag (Jul 04, 2007)

Cube Flag

Since I live in America, I suppose I should be patriotic… Well, I’ll use this opportunity to show off my cool Cube Flag! (Huge – 6000×4500)

Here’s an animation.
This is based on (actually, taken from) my animated US Open logo. Made with POV-Ray, of course. (Source code will be up in a few years. :-)

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Waltzing Cube and Alg Display (Jun 26, 2007)

A lot of updates are missing here…

Anyhow, I created a synchronized “Waltzing Cube” animation.
I also implemented an alg display feature (actually, two) as a Firefox search engine.

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MGLS (Jun 15, 2007)

The end of school was disastrous and unreasonable, but it kept me busy. And today in the morning I should have left for the US Open and the Origami USA convention :-(

Anyhow, I finished the MGLS pages today -my publication of a last-slot variation that Macky invented and I developed into a fully usable method (it’s now my speedcubing method).

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Optimal PLLs (Apr 01, 2007)

Here are optimal solutions to all the PLLs. Note the surprising 9-move HTM solution to the Y. (April Fools’! It’s 13 moves.)

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Fake Cubing Videos (Mar 29, 2007)

I made a few fake cubing videos last weekend. Here they are.

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Speed BLD Guide (Mar 28, 2007)

No update to this page in over two months! I’ve been setting more records, though: I’m finally sub-20 (on a good average).

I worked on a speed BLD guide for two weeks (it’s finally up!), after working to get the record.

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Belgian Open 2007 (Feb 25, 2007)

The results of the Belgian Open are posted. I’ve never been so amazed…

And I wanted to get the third official sub-2 BLD! Oh well; hats (center caps?) off to Mátyás!
And congratulations to Vandenbergh (no offense meant to Fung)!

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