Waltzing Cube and Alg Display (Jun 26, 2007)

A lot of updates are missing here…

Anyhow, I created a synchronized “Waltzing Cube” animation.
I also implemented an alg display feature (actually, two) as a Firefox search engine.

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MGLS (Jun 15, 2007)

The end of school was disastrous and unreasonable, but it kept me busy. And today in the morning I should have left for the US Open and the Origami USA convention :-(

Anyhow, I finished the MGLS pages today -my publication of a last-slot variation that Macky invented and I developed into a fully usable method (it’s now my speedcubing method).

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Optimal PLLs (Apr 01, 2007)

Here are optimal solutions to all the PLLs. Note the surprising 9-move HTM solution to the Y. (April Fools’! It’s 13 moves.)

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Alg of the Week (Jan 01, 2007)

This year, I am introducing the Alg of the Week. The first alg is cube-in-cube-in-cube.

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