Belgian Open 2007 (Feb 25, 2007)

The results of the Belgian Open are posted. I’ve never been so amazed…

And I wanted to get the third official sub-2 BLD! Oh well; hats (center caps?) off to Mátyás!
And congratulations to Vandenbergh (no offense meant to Fung)!

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Caltech Winter 2007 (Jan 13, 2007)

Caltech Winter was great :-) I got a few sub-20′s :-), but DNF’ed all BLD’s ;-( 4x4x4 and Magic were cancelled :-(

My dad caught Dan Dzoan’s world record one-handed solve on video:
Low Quality (pretty good)
Medium Quality
The high quality video is at a corresponding URL; it’s 70 MB, so only download if you really want it.
My 18.18
My one-handed 39.69

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Berkeley Fall 2006 (Nov 23, 2006)

November 18: Off to the Berkeley competition! Carpe cubum!

November 23: I now have a complete video index page. It contains my videos from the Berkeley competition. I set my official record in every event (both average and single-except in Magic, where I tied my old 1.71 record), and won first place in Magic. I have also reconstructed my 3:22 blindfolded solve.

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US Nationals 2006 (Aug 06, 2006)

I went to the Nationals at the Exploratorium (results). I met Craig Brouchard, Bob Burton, Frank Morris, Chris Hardwick, Adam Zamora, and more…

Best times:
3x3x3: 28.82 (personal fourth-best)
Megaminx: 4:57.09 (first recorded sub-5)
Square-1: 1:02.27 (only attempt not on film)
3x3x3 blindfolded: 9:00.70 (first and only success)
Magic: 1.71 (personal second-best, after a 1.53 during practice)
Master Magic: 4.78 (personal third-best)

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