Updates: Sub-2 BLD, etc. (Dec 31, 2006)

I got a sub-2 BLD yesterday! 1:58.59

My blindfolded pages are growing. I added corner and edge permutation algs, and did a Mathematica simulation of the probabilities.

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Blindfolded 3-Look Corner Orientation / Scramble Probabilities (Dec 21, 2006)

I’ve been busy again. I set new Magic (1.29, 1.26, and 1.26 again), 2x2x2 BLD, and 3x3x3 BLD (2:25) records, all on video. They’ll all be online eventually…

I wrote up a few pages explaining my corner orientation system for blindfolded solves. I also calculated the probabilities of cubies being in their place or oriented, in a random scramble; the results are on this page.

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