Speedcranefolding (Nov 24, 2006)

How about speedcranefolding (video: 8.14 seconds)? How about starting with the entire square (~1 minute)?

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Six-Sided Square (Sep 11, 2006)

I’m back from 4OSME. Due to the apparent popularity of the base, I am posting a one-page diagramming of my Six-Sided Square (a natural generalization of the Preliminary Fold and John Montroll’s Five-Sided Square). Try folding a crane or flower from it; the extra flaps can be used in many ways.

The Eight-Sided Square is not yet diagrammed, but it is folded similarly from a blintzed bird base. These two are part of a small upcoming paper.

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4OSME Logo Animation (Aug 18, 2006)

I created an animation of the 4OSME logo.

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The Archive (Aug 01, 2006)

I finally created an index to the archive, so all those hidden papers have a reference link on the site.

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