Cube Flag (Jul 04, 2007)

Cube Flag

Since I live in America, I suppose I should be patriotic… Well, I’ll use this opportunity to show off my cool Cube Flag! (Huge – 6000×4500)

Here’s an animation.
This is based on (actually, taken from) my animated US Open logo. Made with POV-Ray, of course. (Source code will be up in a few years. :-)

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GEB Blocks (Jan 12, 2007)

I got this idea from GEB (Gödel, Escher, Bach). Find your initials in the animation.

LG Initials

LG Initials

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Countdown Animation (Dec 31, 2006)

Happy New Year!
The POV-Ray source code; directions for custom render:
Boot POV-Ray; render 345 frames at good resolution. Align music beat every second (starting 0.5 seconds). Concatenate and merge at 30 FPS; enjoy any time.

60-second version.

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POV-Ray Short Code Contest Entries (Dec 24, 2006)

Did I ever mention my two entries into the POV-Ray Short Code Contest 4? Guess which two are mine.

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Rubik’s Cube Animation System (Nov 26, 2006)

November 26: I finally cleaned up POV-Ray my Rubik’s cube animation system; it’s not efficient, but it’s a start… The file as is rendered at high resolution should give a nice image. Use +kff200 for a joined T and J PLL animation.

You can get POV-Ray here. It’s a great program (although raytracing animation is far from real-time, so I’m going to try to port the code to OpenGL).

December 6: The Rubik’s cube animation system is now capable of parsing an algorithm as a string in the familiar URFLBD format (with 2, ‘, 2′[='2] suffixes). I could add slice turns and double-layer twists, if requested…

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Potential Square-1 Shape Animations (Nov 02, 2006)

Michael Fung gave me permission to render his Square-1 shape algorithms for getting into cube shape. I’ll have to figure out a way to put up the animations, but for now, a PDF. I’ll investigate the case of several missing images.

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Twisty Pumpkin (Oct 31, 2006)

A Twisty Pumpkin.

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Harry Potter Opening (Sep 18, 2006)

Have you seen my speculation of the opening to the next Harry Potter movie? It’s an old render; I had to compress it from a hundred MB’s. That blotch at the end should be a broomstick.

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Square-1 Animation (Aug 27, 2006)

August 27: I present the first-ever raytraced -perhaps even the first truly rendered- animation of a Square-1, the two-edge parity. More algorithms, and POV-Ray source code, will follow.

August 27: Updated the records page. And uploaded a Square-1 animation of my other blindfolded alg.

August 27: All the thrill of Square-1 animation, now brought to you in LG3D!

3D glasses may be necessary to view Motion-Picture-Experts-Group-4 encoded moving picture. Video compressed into low quality to greedily save on file size. Lucas Garron is not responsible for anything that may occur due to the downloading, viewing, displaying, enjoyment, watching, editing, resizing, reencoding, or encrypting of this video. Void where prohibited.

August 27: Lars Vandenbergh gave me permission to render all of his algorithms. Here is a preview of what each video will look like.

August 31:

I posted all the layer-solving MP4′s. The others are a matter of more automation; expect them Friday. I’m trying to fit everything into one gigantic batch calling lots of files.

Corners into layer: 1 2 3 4 5
Edges into layer: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Corner permutation (only one for now): 1 Test the embedded version.

September 1: The algorithms are rendered. You can get everything as one large zip file.

September 2: The Square-1 algorithm page now contains a thumbnail of each case, and the zip contains embedded HTML files for each step. They’re going to stay final for a while.

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4OSME Logo Animation (Aug 18, 2006)

I created an animation of the 4OSME logo.

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